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Marketing in Mackay for the best outcomes

Marketing in Mackay is easier and more effective when you get just a few simple elements right. By starting with the right foundations and applying a bit of innovation and creativity, Flat Cat makes marketing more effective for Mackay business owners and managers who want more income with less expense.


Getting the Marketing Strategy right is like getting the foundations right when building a home. It doesn’t matter how good everything else is built – if the foundations aren’t right, then the whole structure falls down. Unfortunately, this is the area that most organisations neglect, preferring to leap straight to an advertising campaign. If you haven’t done the hard work on the market research and strategy development, how do you know you are even reaching the right people? How do you know you are delivering the right message? How do you know your marketing efforts will work? Flat Cat’s understanding of marketing fundamentals and neuroscience, combined with a track record of creative concepts and innovation, give you confidence in answering those questions. Marketing agencies in Mackay tend to have a core strength – an advertising booking agency, graphic design agency, digital advertising agency, web builder company, etc. While Flat Cat Marketing does all those things (as most marketing companies do), the core strength is in getting that marketing strategy right.

Flat Cat doesn’t just present a marketing strategy for Mackay businesses, we explain why we know the strategy will work.


Digital Marketing in Mackay is no longer an added extra that can be taken or left. It is an essential part of every organisation’s marketing strategy.  The exact shape and size of your digital marketing strategy depends on your industry and individual organisation/department. But the key to a great digital marketing strategy is understanding the purpose and then delivering the right content. Your website should be the central hub for the business. Every touchpoint and communication should link back to the website as it is accessible 24/7, can be updated 24/7, can store a massive amount of resources and information, allows for interactions, and can help build and manage connections. All your EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail – like newsletters), CRM (Customer Relationship Manager – database), and social media all link through your website. Getting clarity around purpose and the right management means everything is integrated and functioning smoothly. As a Mackay website builder, Flat Cat Marketing’s focus is on the purpose behind your “digital hub”.

Mackay advertising is more than just digital marketing and the exact shape and size of your digital marketing strategy depends on your industry, individual organisation/department and other advertising options in Mackay.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design is critical for building a brand but too often designers lose sight of the purpose. That’s understandable because the purpose of a graphic designer is to make things look great. The purpose of a marketer is to make things work. A flyer that looks great won’t necessarily work great. But a great flyer will work better if it looks great. That’s why Flat Cat’s designers and marketing specialist work closely together to ensure maximum effectiveness. If you want to prepare graphic design for a Mackay audience, you must start with (and be really clear about) the purpose of what’s being designed. The purpose is the starting point, the ending point, and the guide along the way.

Your brief to a graphic designer needs to spell out what outcomes you want from the material being designed. What do you want people to think and do?

Social media marketing

Social media has revolutionised the advertising world, taking digital marketing to the next level. The big advantages are the ability to define your audience with granular accuracy, the low cost, and the focused attention (a user must be looking directly at the screen in order to scroll). But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean social media is easy to execute. Social media marketing in Mackay means you can target your geographic area so you aren’t wasting money advertising to people who will never be a customer. You can also target by demographics and psychographics, such as age, gender, and areas of interest. Flat Cat Marketing is skilled in using the targeting capabilities of social media to reach the right people so every cent is spent reaching those who are most likely to respond. Don’t fall into the trap of just “boosting a post” in Facebook.

The Facebook and Linked In advertising platforms offer enormous levels of flexibility and, while it’s quite complicated to get your head around initially, it is worth it for the money you will save and the results you will get.

Public Relations

Public relations is the often-neglected art of building and protecting your brand for free. It is not just about free advertising. Using public relations well can help shape the right image of your company in people’s minds and build up goodwill. A stronger brand and “bank” of goodwill may become invaluable in the event of a disaster or negative event. In those cases, public relations becomes even more important. How well you respond to a disaster or negative event will depend on the work and planning you put in prior. Public relations in Mackay goes beyond sending a media release off to the local newspaper. Flat Cat Marketing prepares separate public relations strategies to accompany the marketing strategy.

This includes the messaging, imagery, and perceptions you need to create in people’s minds (your brand) and well as all the channels and how to access them.

The Flat Cat Difference

Cut through


Our creative team develops concepts that cut through the clutter of everyday life, pushing aside the thousands of advertisements the average person is exposed to every day to really stand out and get their attention.



There's no point getting people's attention if you only hold it for a few seconds or even a minute. Your message needs to carve out its own little space in their brain and call it home. Flat Cat have developed techniques in-house to make sure you get remembered.



You can be sure marketing solutions presented by Flat Cat are based on sound research and understanding of buyer behaviour and how people think. You can't afford "guesswork" when there's so much at stake.



Our core activity is developing marketing strategies and you can't make a business the best in its field if you're working for two businesses in the same field. We're not just an agency to book your advertising, we become the marketing partner for your business.

Public relations

Public Relations

Free publicity is the most overlooked means of getting your message out (and it's super-effective). Flat Cat's Public Relations expert can identify opportunities and produce the content you need to get your marketing for free.

Cut through

Creative Concepts

Creative concepts bring together all the key elements of great marketing – cut-through, stickability, and messaging. Flat Cat, draws on neuroscience and a wealth of creativity/innovation tools and techniques.

Ready to get started?

We collaborate closely with our clients to meet their needs and show their audience what they excel at.

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